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These scripts were once part of the the Notecase Pro installation:

  • 01_msgbox.lua - Display message from within the program.
  • 02_filepick.lua - Show file open window to select a file.
  • 03_doccount.lua - Show count of documents loaded inside Notecase Pro.
  • 05_writeids.lua - Write info on notes of the current document into the text file.
  • 07_opendoc.lua - Show file open window to select and open a document.
  • 08_notehtml.lua - Write raw HTML content for every note of the current document.
  • 09_notesel.lua - Get and show selected text in the currently active note.
  • 10_seticons.lua - Modify current document to change icon for all notes in the current document.
  • 11_noteinsert.lua - Insert notes in the current document.
  • 21_PasteAsText.lua - Paste plain text from clipboard to current note.
  • 27_GetListLinks.lua - Copies all notes listed in List Pane to the clipboard in the form of hyperlinks to the notes (one per line).
  • 33_GetLinksToHere.lua - Fetches to the clipboard links for all notes that link to the current note


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