Document Cleanup Tools

A Plugin by hermocom.

Keep your growing NoteCase Pro documents clean. Expiry date support for notes. Cleanup wizards.

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The longer you work on a document with NoteCase Pro, the more information it may contain.

Usually you invest much more time in filling your document with new data, than you invest to sort out obsolete data.

The result is often, that a document contains a lot of obsolete information, which lets the file size grow unnecessarily, costs performance ressources and keeps you from efficiently finding relevant information on searches or when navigating through the document.

The "Document Cleanup Tools" plugin helps you to keep the growth of your documents under control and to clean up your documents, providing:

  • Expiry date support: Set expiry dates for notes, and when notes expired, let the Plugin remind you to handle such oboslete information (delete, defer expiry date, archive...)

  • Cleanup wizard: Helps you finding oldest notes in your document, largest notes in your document, notes with next expiry dates etc.


Screenshot of the Document Cleanup Tools Plugin menu



Please use NoteCase Pro's Plugin Manager to install the Plugin directly from the Plugin feed. 

Alternatively, you may download the Plugin file manually from the Plugin feed ( and install it manually using Plugin Manager's "Add Local" button.