hermocom and NoteCase Pro

From MindMap/LX to NoteCase Pro (hermocom's role in the NoteCase Pro project)

NoteCase Pro, albeit it's promoted here on www.NotecaseproPlugins.com, a project of www.hermocom.com, is not a hermocom product.
I have, however, close contact with the author of NoteCase Pro, Miroslav Rajcic, and we frequently discuss new feature ideas. A lot of my feature ideas are implemented in NoteCase Pro already. These ideas mainly come from my own needs for an Outliner as a personal information manager (PIM) and from experiences when I continued the development of MindMap/LX (MM/LX), a mindmapping application for HP Palmtops. Under References on hermocom.com you can read a reference written by Avi Meshar, CEO of D&A software, about my work on MM/LX.

Based on my ideas, Miroslav Rajcic implemented some features which make NoteCase Pro an even more flexible and powerful tool, such as

  • The Plugin Architecture
    the specification and the first available Plugins were a close cooperation between Miroslav Rajcic and me

  • CSS-powered HTML export

  • Task management

  • The powerful search feature with "fill results to list" function

  • And a lot of other, minor things, mainly enhancing the user-friendliness and scriptability