Feature Highlights

(a more detailed table of features, comparing the free and paid versions of NoteCase Pro, can be found here: http://notecasepro.com/features.php

  • Task management:
    Each node in the outline can be a task.

    Reminders, Task-only view, priorities etc. (there is also a Plugin available for advanced task management (Getting Things Done)

  • Powerful export features
    Publish and share your information: Postprocessing capability.

    NoteCase Pro can be used as a complete web site authoring solution: HTML export even manages entire webs of documents, supporting document links and translating them into web links, featuring CSS style sheets etc. Just upload the generated HTML files to your webspace and your homepage is ready.

    Exported HTML content imports cleanly into OpenOffice.org, Google Docs, Zoho Writer, and many other web editors. RTF export imports into most major word processors.

  • BookmarksImport of many file formats supported
    e.g. OPML, RTF, HP 200LX MindMap/LX documents, HP 200LX Notetaker (NDB files), NoteCenter, gjots2, StickyNotes, Knowit, Keynote, Treepad, Tuxcards, Tomboy, Vault, Notekeeper

  • Audio note recording

  • Tagging and Tag Cloud view

  • Efficient keyboard-only operation possible
    using configurable shortcuts

  • GUI Themes
    There are many GUI Themes (GTK based) available to adapt the look and feel of NoteCase Pro to your liking

  • Powerful search feature
    Supports Regular Expressions, boolean queries, saving of queries (presets); results can be shown in a special list view, using this list view searches can be refined in several steps, and there is an incremental Quick Search mode

  • Document merging / synchronisation

  • Scripting
    Adapt NoteCase Pro to your individual needs, automate it, empower it by your own features. Many example scripts are available. Almost 200 scriptable program commands (APIs) available, the number is growing. Scripting language: Lua.

  • NoteCase Pro is very actively developed
    with new releases on a regular schedule. So if you need a special feature, you can contact the author and discuss it with him. Frequent updates are published by the author. Customers of the Pro version are notified about available updates.

  • Linking
    Links to external resources and internal notes supported

  • Rich text formatting

  • Image embedding

  • Attaching files of any kind to notes

  • Spellchecker
    available for a lot of different languages

  • Plugin support
    extend the feature set of NoteCase Pro by powerful Plugins