About Lua Scripting

Notecase Pro implements Lua scripting as a way to easily extend program features and automate frequently executed tasks.

Lua scripts can be

  • stand-alone .lua files
  • embedded into NoteCase Pro documents. This method allows to tie scripts to certain documents and to bundle scripts in script collections.
  • Plugins: In fact Plugins are basically NoteCase Pro documents with embedded Lua scripts in a certain format and structure. They are "registered" in NoteCase Pro and their script functions are directly accessible through NoteCase Pro menu items, making them very convenient to use. Plugins are the best option to make scripts available to the public. There is even a Plugin Feed hosted by notecaseproplugins.com that is directly accessed by NoteCase Pro's Plugin Manager, so registering Plugins from the feed is as easy as selecting and clicking.

This section of http://www.NotecaseproPlugin.com provides information about stand-alone and embedded scripts.