Example Script

This simple script: 

-- Get IDs of current document and note: 
nDocID = Nc_Doc_ID_GetCur() 
strNoteID = Nc_Note_ID_GetCur(nDocID) 

-- build time stamp: 
strTimeStamp = 
    "<br><b>~~~ " .. os.date("%a %Y-%m-%d %H:%M") .. " ~~~</b><br>" 

-- append time stamp to current note: 
strCurNoteContent = Nc_Note_Content_Get(nDocID, strNoteID, 1) 
strNewNoteContent = strCurNoteContent .. strTimeStamp 
Nc_Note_Content_Set(nDocID, strNoteID, strNewNoteContent, 1)

appends a time stamp to the end of the current note, when executed:

Screenshot of an example note with added timestamp