Document Tools

A free Plugin by hermocom.

Various power tools for advanced document editing in NoteCase Pro.

The Document Tools Plugin offers a tool box full of useful stuff, if you work professionally with NoteCase Pro documents and want to go beyond NoteCase Pro's built-in features for editing. 

For example the Plugin provides:

  • Comparing documents
    and generating comprehensive reports about the differences

  • Editing the HTML source code
    of a formatted note

  • Easy linking of notes to other notes ("internal links")

  • Scanning a document for invalid internal links

  • Creating table of contents of note branches for inclusion into the branch root note

  • Finding notes by their NoteID or by their Breadcrumb

  • Listing all notes linked to or from the current note

  • ...and more...


Screenshot of the Document Tools Plugin menu



Please use NoteCase Pro's Plugin Manager to install the Plugin directly from the Plugin feed. 

Alternatively, you may download the Plugin file manually from the Plugin feed ( and install it manually using Plugin Manager's "Add Local" button.