Plugin Developer Tools

A free Plugin by hermocom with an option to upgrade if you want to develop commercial Plugins.

If you plan to develop an own Plugin, this Plugin will assist you with Plugin template generation, development tools, sample code, tutorials and even with commercializing your Plugin.

Developing a Plugin for NoteCase Pro can be done from scratch, i.e. creating a new NoteCase Pro file, building the Plugin file structure according to the Plugin file specification found in the NoteCase Pro help file, and filling the structure with life. 

However, there is a much easier way:

The "Plugin Developer Tools" Plugin ("PDT plugin") by hermocom supports you with that and minimizes efforts to build a stable and feature-rich Plugin.

Main features:

  • Plugin template file generator
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Tutorials for creating Plugins
  • Included Lua libraries, which help to develop Plugins:
    • Basic helper function library for various purposes
    • .ini file access library
    • Function library to ease licensing of commercial Plugins
  • License generator for commercial Plugins
  • ...and a lot more




Do I need to buy a license for the PDT Plugin?

Without a paid license, the PDT Plugin operates in "free mode", which means, it fully supports, without any artificial limitations, development of free Plugins.

  • Free Plugins are based on non-encrypted NoteCase Pro files, which the NoteCase Pro / Plugin user may view and modify (the Plugin is then "open source").

  • It is also possible to encrypt ("lock") your Plugins, so that the source code is not visible or editable anymore, but the Plugin is still usable for free. 


With a paid license, the PDT Plugin supports the following additional features for creating commercial Plugins:

  • Commercial Plugins are not viewable or editable by the user (locked), and additionally:

  • Include a convenient, readily developed licensing function library

  • A license generator for generating license files, that users of your commercial Plugins need for unlocking the features of your Plugins (that license generator is also available as a PHP implementation fur usage on a web server, with automatic sending of license key emails to your customers and other neat features. If you are a licensed user of this Plugin and interested in the PHP license generator, contact me to get an offer.)

Click here to buy a NoteCase Pro Plugin license


Please use NoteCase Pro's Plugin Manager to install the Plugin directly from the Plugin feed. 

Alternatively, you may download the Plugin file manually from the Plugin feed ( and install it manually using Plugin Manager's "Add Local" button.